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First, China's auto exports
1. Automobile exports

Since China has successfully joined the WTO, China's trade with the world more deeply and frequently, especially China's automotive industry.

My Government has set the automobile industry a pillar industry for the country, and export the car as the auto industry one of the key development directions. At present, China's auto exports is very gratifying, whether the export or automobile parts exports have made remarkable achievements.

According to statistics, China's automobile exports in 2006, got into a new stage, export volume and value doubled in 2005; car export share has been improved greatly, especially with a completely independent intellectual property rights national brand car companies have become the main export. 2006 Car of the fastest growing automotive export product categories in the share of car exports also increased. In 2006, China exported 93,300 cars, accounting for China's total automobile exports 27.2%; export value of $ 630,000,000, an increase of 133%, accounting for the total amount of China's auto exports 20.1%. Among them, China's exports of cars mainly to displacement in 1L and 1.5L models and export, with the number 54,900, an increase of 170%; export value of $ 389,000,000, an increase of 114%.

2. Bus exports

In accordance with the export value of the comparison, trucks still ranked first in China's auto exports, export volume and value respectively of the total number of China's auto exports 45.3% and 31.7% of the total amount of exports, continued to play advantage. Meanwhile, "mobile and medium-sized passenger car," the export volume growth continued to be the highlight of 2006, export volume and value not only to increase well beyond 2005, and the average unit price has continued to increase, reaching $ 32,200. This shows that our medium-sized passenger cars in the international market is not only a substantial increase in product quality and quality is constantly improving, export prospects are very good.

In the passenger car, the extraordinary is worth mentioning that the Zhengzhou Yutong Bus. From the direction of technological innovation and industrial development, China passenger car business as R & D capabilities are still weak from the industry is still relatively far from the mainstream manufacturers. We now established a new vision is to become China's first passenger car brand, an international supplier of mainstream passenger cars. In the domestic passenger car market, Yutong Bus Company has become the industry benchmark, its profitability, brand value, chassis and other critical components are self-sufficiency rate and market share leader in the industry. In 2006, Yutong Bus Company in the domestic sales of over 22,000, continues to lead the bus industry. Beginning in 2007, in the consolidation of the domestic market, Yutong Bus Company significantly accelerated the expansion of overseas markets. However, it still faces strong competition Dragon Motor Company. As the bus industry's most successful companies the highest market share among them the competitive duopoly pattern will continue. In contrast, Yutong Bus Company to stabilize the growth of exports, and has just completed the initial integration of the dragon there is a great car company's future growth in space. In 2006, Yutong Bus Company bus 2002 exports, an increase of 82. Dragon Motors export performance is not worse than Yutong Bus Company, three "dragon" (Suzhou Jinlong, Xiamen Golden Dragon Wagon Company and Xiamen King Long United Automotive Company) 3966 total exports of passenger cars, an increase of 226, growth rate is higher than the absolute value and Yutong Bus Company. The next three "dragon" will further integrate the business, with the expansion of its sales and product mix optimization, and its profitability there is a large room for improvement.

Yutong Bus Company to go in front of the bus industry in China. August 18, 2006 afternoon at Beijing's Great Hall, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Rui Chi Wing, deputy director of import and export commodities will be a flagship business exemption certificate submitted to Zhengzhou Yutong Group President Tang Yuxiang hands. The development of China's automobile industry for over 50 years, auto companies missed the history of this export inspection exemption is broken. Yutong Bus Company for its excellent quality and service and strict production management system to obtain approval from all sides. It is remarkable that China's automotive industry in a landmark bus thing.

3. Auto parts exports

In 2005 China's auto parts exports exceeded imports for the first time, show that China is fast becoming a global automotive parts production power. A few years ago, parts and components produced in China is still a low-quality, high-cost image, but to strengthen cooperation with foreign companies, the introduction of technology, research and innovation, the quality of auto parts made in China increased rapidly, so that the world's major automobile manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Daimler - Chrysler, etc. have planned for the future purchase from China billions of dollars of parts and components, including brakes, oil pump, hub, control systems.

China has become the world's largest auto parts exporter, we hope that with the wave components industry exports, the Chinese cars can not smoke in this war to win. Currently, the export of parts and components exports have exceeded the vehicle, and will in the last few years showing a substantial growth. Therefore, parts exports will be the next breakthrough in China's auto exports.

Auto parts industry is labor-intensive industries, China's abundant human resources, low production costs, so the competition in this area is also occupied some of the advantages of China's auto parts industry, so there is great potential for development. Auto parts export varieties in the forefront of the parts: automotive electrical and instrumentation, suspension shock absorbers, wheels and body accessories. Exports of these items in 2006 total about 120 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 76 of total exports auto parts, auto parts exports to China made an important contribution.

Second, the problems facing China's auto exports

1. Vehicle exports are still low-priced brand name

This phenomenon is considered to be dumping a lot of European and American countries. In addition, there will be a vicious blind cheap competitive situation, so will China's auto exports of textiles and home appliances industry before, as the toy industry, resulting in a very tragic outcome. Automobile exports to low-cost strategies, although the only way for China's auto exports, but must also seize the time to take other measures. China's export product mix should be diversified and should not be only the low-end products, or not conducive to the development of China's automobile industry.

2. Automobile exports disorder

Because China's exports of cars most car companies have a strategy, but the lack of proper guidance and a fixed export order, it will appear in the overseas market, a very surprising phenomenon. Actually my car in overseas markets are often the civil war with one another to keep the prices down. This is also the lower the export price of a car one of the reasons that the development of China's auto imports also caused a great impact. Because it makes imports of cars in a lose-lose. To this end, we need urgently to develop a governance approach to avoid the infighting of the various car companies.

3. Low-tech auto parts

Auto parts exports growth momentum despite the obvious, but the domestic auto parts manufacturers still lack high-value, high-tech products R & D capabilities in key products, vital new developments in technology and lack of a "bottleneck." Recent changes in exchange rates have also increased the cost of auto parts exports and reduced the corporate profit margins, so it will export auto parts in China have some impact.

4. Export products in overseas technology and certification barriers encountered

China 3C certification standards with foreign standards, and in fact not much difference, but that is not to be recognized abroad, which is China's auto enterprises unfair. Malaysia, for example, in order to protect our national automotive industry to modify the standards of imported vehicles, resulting in more than 200 units of Chery QQ cars were piled up in the local customs terminals shall not retreat, Japanese, Korean car also was rejected.

China's auto exports also face the problem of driving certification. Test standard in China is unique, whether imported or domestic production of automotive vehicles, to go through the certification process in China, but is not recognized abroad, tested in China auto exports to foreign countries still have to test. Similarly, after traveling in Europe, certified car, entering the country must re-test, which resulted in a waste of time and cost. This question of Chinese and foreign automobile manufacturers, is a very troublesome thing.

China's auto exports also face strict technical foreign markets, fuel consumption, emissions and many other standard tests, and some standards and intellectual property protection is often the same block as the developed countries the advantage of developing countries to play a natural barrier.

5. The high cost of overseas transportation

Decision is not only China's automobile export technology, services and other factors, as well as maritime market. Most of the enterprises in China is not involved in maritime logistics of the ro-ro vehicle transport business. Ro-Ro ship's operating costs are high only in the overall volume of vehicles carrying more than 60 state of the volume ro-ro, shipping logistics companies can profit. China's exports of automotive companies and less than the fragmented, insufficient to support the huge shipping costs, so far, China's ocean shipping enterprises in the power of the export sector remains very weak. Because foreign companies are shipping logistics with its own large car company signed a long-term cooperation agreement. Therefore, China to export cars, which is bound to affect the interests of foreign cars. The logistics company's transportation costs for domestic enterprises in China's car companies to offer so that the cost of China's auto exports increased significantly.
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